Insomnia Festival Debate : Why Russia?

23.10.2014 - 23.10.2014

The Insomnia Festival presents this year’s debate to continue the tradition of asking questions more than taking a stand. This year Insomnia asks Why Russia?

The latest year we have seen an increasing political tension between Russia and Western Europe. In a period where both sides of the conflict are imposing sanctions and reducing political cooperation, the cultural exchange between Northern Norway and Russia is stronger then ever. The big question we would like to discuss is why is this the case?

What do we hope to achieve by not following the general European line of isolating Russia? Do we firmly believe in the changing power of culture, or do we rely too much on the financial benefits to question the moral justifications?

The panel will consist of individual that work with, or within the culture sector.

Yngvar Steinhold (Tromsø University, reseacher in post Soviet culture)
Jasmina Bosnjak (Troms Fylkeskultursenter)
Øyvind Bakkeby Moe (Director Nordlysfestivalen)
Mark Carlin (Curator for Future Everything Festival, Manchester)
Stian Johansen (studying Russian/Norwegian culture exchange)
Anna Bitkina (TOK curators)
Maria Veits (TOK curators)

Tromsø Kunstforening

Thursday 23.10.2014 @ 15.00
Free entrance